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Senior Frontend Engineer (Remote)



Software Engineering
Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2023

About Lun

Our carbon emissions are still increasing, and the evidence for dramatic climate change is all around. We want to do our part in solving it.

In Europe, 12% of our carbon emissions come from heating our homes - just as much as using our cars. Getting those emissions to zero will be a gargantuan task: retrofitting 90 million buildings across many countries is a hard problem.

Lun’s mission is to decarbonise homes faster, by building an operating system for tradespeople in the European energy renovation industry. Our first task is to make heat pump installations an absolute no-brainer for plumbers and electricians.

We've secured a robust funding of 11M€ from high-caliber investors, including the likes of Lowercarbon, Norrsken VC, Partech, Foundamental, and MCJ Collective, in order to very rapidly accelerate building retrofits across Europe.

About the role

While heat pumps are the universally recognised solution to decarbonise home heating, the installations are complex and time-consuming. To solve the problem at scale, our take at Lun is to drastically simplify the process with software. We’re building an operating system for installers that makes everything seamless – from acquiring leads and performing home inspections, to sending quotes and generating compliant documentation.

As part of our growth and product expansion, we are looking for a Senior Frontend Engineer to work across our whole frontend stack, initially focused on helping the team deliver a completely new mobile-led way of approaching home inspections, a core part of the heat pump sale and installation process.

The position can be either based out of Lun’s HQ office in Copenhagen, or remote anywhere in Europe (geographically).

What you will do

You will work across our frontend web stack (React/Remix), as well as our brand new iOS application that uses ARKit and Lidar-based scanning to map out homes in 3D. You will drive the design and implementation of critical features and problems that underpin our software products.

You will spend most of your time writing code, and some of your time designing and discussing software design and architecture. You will be collaborating closely with stakeholders across the aisle. You will rapidly get up to speed on our product in terms of both technology and the business domain, as we work in a complex space that requires us to know about the customers in great detail.

Your responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Individual Contribution: Writing code is at the heart of this role. The majority of time is spent on direct IC work on our codebases.
  • Design and Development: Work together with our team to design and implement world class user interfaces that look crisp, feel light and load swiftly. Performance is very close to our heart.
  • Code Review and Quality: Conduct regular code reviews, ensuring adherence to coding standards, best practices and good performance. Foster a culture of high code quality, modularity and reusability, and ensure high-quality deliverables overall.
  • Collaboration: Work closely with other engineers, designers, product managers and other stakeholders across our organisation to ensure we build the right product, in the right way. In particular, as a Senior Frontend Engineer, we expect you to be great at collaborating with design and product, voicing your opinions in a constructive way.
  • Testing and Debugging: Identify and fix bugs, ensuring that our software runs as expected across various browsers and platforms.

Who you are


  • You have 4+ years of experience in frontend development.
  • You have expertise in Typescript, CSS and have a great understanding of web technologies as a whole.
  • You understand the state of the art within frontend well, and can quickly catch up where you don’t. You back this up with a strong technical foundation, that you understand how to apply to solve problems effectively.
  • You have a demonstrated ability to contribute to technical projects, and to working on a team with Engineers, designers and product managers.
  • You have strong communication skills. You can facilitate technical conversations and discussions and help them get resolved in a timely and effective manner.
  • You’re curious by nature, and don’t mind digging through repositories in other languages (or where you’re not a contributor) to seek inspiration, to understand the cause of a bug, or to understand the system as a whole.
  • You thrive in a work environment with high expectations of ownership, velocity, resilience and clarity.
  • You are passionate about contributing meaningfully, concretely and positively to fighting climate change.


  • You have done development work on iOS applications before, whether Swift-based, React Native, Ionic or similar.
  • You are naturally good at balancing the now and the future. You sense when it's time to pay tech debt, and when it can be incurred in the interest of speed.
  • If you are applying for this role and want to work remotely, you have ideally worked in a remote position before and feel fully motivated and productive in such a setup.

Even if you feel like you don't meet all the "must-have" requirements for this role, we encourage you to apply anyways. We know that the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of companies meeting incredible candidates, and we don't want them to get in the way of meeting you.

Compensation and benefits

  • Salary range for this position is 55,000 DKK – 65,000 DKK per month based in Copenhagen (the range may vary based on location), commensurate with the level of experience.
  • Competitive warrant package.
  • Company-sponsored pension plan.
  • Reimbursement of home internet and phone plans.
  • Flexible working hours and remote work policy.
  • Free drinks, snacks and a delicious vegetarian lunch served everyday in the office.
  • Ongoing social events and festivities – we love celebrating!
  • We all gather in person as a company every quarter for team off-sites, workshops, and adventurous team activities.