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Seismologist - DAS Specialist



Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2023
Role Overview
Title: Seismologist
Hours: Full-time; Salaried
Benefits Eligible: Yes
Manager: Principal investigator
Mission – Why we exist and why we need you
Geothermal energy is the most abundant renewable energy source in the world. There is 2,300 times more energy in geothermal heat in the ground than in oil, gas, coal, and methane combined. However, historically it’s been hard to find and expensive to develop. At Zanskar, we’re using better technology to find and develop new geothermal resources in order to make geothermal a cheap and vital contributor to a carbon-free electrical grid. The seismology team at Zanskar is at the cutting edge of developing tools to find resources others can’t and help us achieve our mission.
Outcomes - Problems you’ll solve
We need a Seismologist to develop an efficient and effective tool for DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) denoising using deep learning methods, as well as R&D work of seismic imaging and interpretation for geothermal exploration. Your role will be to assemble and label both surface and borehole DAS seismic data for different types of events, including but not limited to microseismic, teleseismic earthquake, and tremor events. Your role will also work on optimizing and training convolutional neural networks for DAS denoising, as well as the corresponding software development. Additionally, we need the Seismologist to be involved in the seismic imaging (both geophone and DAS) and other R&D work within Zanskar to help build the seismic workflow for carbon storage monitoring and geothermal exploration.
Success in this role will look like patentable workflows and tools that our team will deploy in the field in the next year to find, de-risk, and develop geothermal resources that can be developed into commercial power plants.
Competencies – What we’re looking for
Seismic understanding:
Successful candidates must have a PhD degree in Geophysics or Seismology or a closely related technical field with proven experience or project on seismic signal processing. DAS (Distributed Acoustic Sensing) related experience is preferred.
Technical capability: Proficient in programming with one or more of MATLAB, Python, Fortran, C++, etc. Geophysical software development experience is a plus and experience of deep learning applied to Geoscience problems is preferred.
Roadmap development: It is crucial that the seismologist must be able to chart solutions and define a roadmap to building tools to solve real operational problems in geothermal exploration. Poor candidates need to be told what to do or approach problems in theoretical only approaches while standout candidates will be able to define what are the most important problems to solve and how to solve them.
Project management: After defining a roadmap, the seismologist must be able to execute according to tight schedules with exceptional organizational and time management skills in a responsive manner. Good verbal and written communication skills within a team environment are essential.
Location, Salary, and Benefits
- The position is located in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area
- Full time position
- Paid holidays, and 15 days PTO
- Medical and dental coverage
- A direct impact in displacing carbon emissions, and growth opportunities in a growing startup environment
Equal Opportunity Employer
Zanskar is an equal-opportunity employer and complies with all applicable federal, state, and local fair employment practice laws. Please reach out to careers@zanskar.us with any questions.